Franck Muller Presents the Skafander 43 Boutique Exclusive

Aside from standard scuba diving apparatus that allows for casual to relative deepwater diving, there was one major piece of equipment that broke down the barriers of conventional human diving limits: the Skafander. Being the first protective full-pressure suit created in the 1930s for navy divers, the Skafander was an essential contraption for deep sea exploration. Likewise, Franck Muller’s Skafander broke new ground with its debut as the world’s first tonneau-shaped diving watch.

Coming in the same emblematic, iconic and renowned tonneau shape, the new Skafander 43 not only challenges the marine depths, but also stands out for its instantly recognisable shape and distinctive dial. Featuring a new second central ring, the Skafander 43 is a technically superior diving-inspired timepiece for nautical sports enthusiasts.

Powered by an automatic movement and a resistance to 100 meters underwater, this innovative piece offers top-notch performance while retaining a sporty youthfulness in bold hues. Its new 43 millimetres case also allows the Skafander to sit perfectly on the wrist of its owner.

For less extreme deep sea diving endeavours, Franck Muller’s Skafander is the paramount piece of equipment. It is a true expression of challenge for the House: a unique timepiece presented in the tonneau shape available in titanium and blackened titanium cases to reinforce a robust design. To complement the six bold colours of the collection—blue, yellow, orange, red, green and black— each piece comes with a rubber caoutchouc strap matching the details on the dial.

The Skafander 43 is available exclusively at Franck Muller boutiques across Asia Pacific.