A watch speaks volumes about its owner. When crafting a watch, the first thought goes into how a future owner will experience the timepiece in their lives. The creation of each Franck Muller timepiece is a bond between its watchmakers and artisans and the wearer. Each is perfectly made by experts of various fields, so you can enjoy the beauty of these watches for eternity.

Every part of a Franck Muller watch is produced in-house, from the tiniest screws to the case. Each component is machined in our factories, polished by hand and tested for performance before they are assembled by the watchmakers into a complete timepiece. Every single watch, whether it’s a fine watchmaking model or a grand complication, passes through the hands of expert artisans and craftspersons to ensure they are consummate creations.

To achieve such excellence, every rare craft in watchmaking has been established, from black polishing to enamelling, hand-engraving to gem-setting. Every timepiece is a miniature work of art on the wrist, a bold expression of time that takes hundreds of steps to perfect, as you will discover.